The main project objective is to improve the training of professionals who are dedicated to tourism in islands, especially to nature and/or ornithological tourism. Though, through the creation of educational products (facilitating the continuous formation for adults) they could offer a sustainable product and better valued by tourists.

In addition, the project aim to improve the training of young people (entrepreneurs) and other disadvantaged groups (unemployed, women) who can find a professional opportunity in nature and ornithological (a growing sector) tourism.


Thus, we can resume the aim of the project with these objectives:

– To improve the training of professional adults in ornithological tourism, in southern European islands (Mediterranean islands and Macaronesia).

– Promote lifelong training, accessible to all professionals, through the use of ICT.

– Facilitate access to training for young people and other disadvantaged groups, to broaden their job prospects, encourage entrepreneurship, and thus avoid abandoning their territories.