If you are a member of SEO/BirdLife or you have collaborated with us by means of a donation please note that applicable tax-deduction rates for people paying tax in Spain  have been increased in 2015 for donations made to charities like SEO/BirdLife, as an organization coming under the special tax scheme of Law 49 of 23 December 2002 (Ley 49/2002, de 23 de diciembre).


Donations of up to 150 euros entitle you to a 50% tax-deduction if you pax tax in Spain. A membership fee/donation of 150 euros, for example, entitles you to a 75-euro tax deduction in your 2015 tax return. In 2016 your tax deduction would increase to 112.5 euros.


Donations/fees above 150 euros would entitle you to a 27.5% deduction in your 2015 return, if it is your first donation, and 32.5% if you have made donations to SEO/BirdLife during the two previous financial years. So a 300-euro donation in 2015 would entitle you to a 116-25 euro deduction in the 2015 tax return and 157.5 euros in 2016.



(*) Loyalty donation: donations made in the two previous taxation periods to the same organization with at least the same value in each successive year.


N.B: This increased tax-deduction entitlement does not apply in the Basque Country or Navarre, which apply a deduction entitlement of 20% and 25%, respectively, of the total donation.


Please remember that it is essential for you to furnish us with your national identity number (DNI or NIE in Spanish initials) or tax identification number (NIF in Spanish initials) for us to be able to inform the Spanish tax authority in January each year of the sum of your fees and donations.


If you have not already done so, please drop us an email with this information at socios@seo.org. You can generate, download and print your certificate from our Membership area. If you need any more information on these tax benefits please check the website of the Spanish tax authority (Agencia Tributaria): www.aeat.es